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Hunterchild is a duo featuring singer/songwriter Luke Aaron Jones, a.k.a. Hunterchild and multi-instrumentalist Marty Sprowles.

Hunterchild's first self-titled studio record was released in 2014 via Temporary Residence Ltd. Hunterchild is currently releasing "Singles" for their next studio record no evil / live on, to be released January 12th via Antifragile Music.


Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Luke Aaron Jones and fellow Dreamers of the Ghetto alum Marty Sprowles picked up the pieces and pared down the widescreen stadium-sized rock of Dreamers to the more intimate, introspective Hunterchild. Jones' vocals are more arresting than ever, indebted as much to vintage Peter GabrielPrince, and Depeche Mode as the rich well of electronic R&B explorations from a similar orbit as James Blake and The Weeknd in their most powerful moments. Hunterchild are comfortable in their own skin in a way that's almost unheard of for debut artists. Co-produced with Kevin Ratterman (My Morning JacketWax Fang), Hunterchild's eponymous debut album is noticeably more eclectic than Dreamers of the Ghetto. From the beat-heavy sexploits of "Part Time" to the stark falsetto professions of "Aching," this is a story in 11 parts. Equally complicated, heartbreaking and revelatory, Hunterchild bares an emotional fearlessness that only comes from a devotion to the light in the face of total darkness. -Temporary Residence Ltd.


Hunterchild's 2014 self-titled debut album is an emotionally direct, darkly sexual mix of R&B-infused electronic pop. Featuring production from Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Wax Fang) and showcasing lead singer Luke Aaron Jones' throaty, sanguine vocals and keyboardist/percussionist Marty Sprowles' sparse, moody arrangements, the album is an immediately arresting, unforgettable collection of songs. As Jones sings on "So Bad," "We all want something that we never had/We all want something that's both good and bad/But I've never wanted someone so bad/As bad, as I want you." Based on the duo's move from Dreamers' more buoyant, post-U2 guitar sound to the arch, internalized electronic soul that permeates all of Hunterchild's debut, the breakup clearly opened up new creative pathways and emotional themes to explore. And while Hunterchild's sound is rooted in '80s electronic synth pop, there is nothing cold or removed about the album. On the contrary, Hunterchild are informed as much by Violator-era Depeche Mode as they are by Love Deluxe-era Sade. If anything, Jones, with his bourbon-soaked croon and inclination for soul-baring honesty, borders on self-immolation rather than guarded detachment. As he sings on the heart-wrenching "Secret Messages," "I put secret little messages in my songs for you/And when I sing them my heart only feels for you." Elsewhere, on tracks like the lust-ridden "Aching" and the epic "Time Traveling Lover," Jones draws upon the even older, more organic '70s soul tradition as he lifts his vocals into a whispery falsetto over Sprowles' insistent, ringing keyboards and pulsating electronic beats. Aesthetically minimalist but emotionally generous, Hunterchild have taken their heartache and crafted a baroque, synth soul masterpiece. -Matt Collar